Meet The Emporium Coaches

Chani Carroso
Registered Nurse / Holistic Nutrition & Health Coach
Healthy Peach |
Instagram // @healthypeach_

A qualified registered nurse with a background in exercise science and health & nutrition coaching, Chani spends her time working as a casual anaesthetic assistant and running her boutique health and nutritional coaching practice, Healthy Peach. Her mission is to educate and inspire people all around the globe, and to help them change their relationship with their bodies, their health and the food they eat by putting power back in their hands.

Chani is passionate about teaching others how to become in tune with their bodies and reaching optimal wellness and most importantly, their happiest & healthiest selves. A true yogi who lives and breaths balance, she continues to change the lives of everyone she crosses paths with, allowing others to reach down deep inside them on a holistic level to find a balanced healthy lifestyle with delicious food, great exercise and beautiful people

Lauren King
Child Safety Officer / Life & Wellness Coach
Life Above Zero ||
Instagram // @life_above_zero

Lauren offers unique, personalised life coaching services designed to give you the freedom to be your best, authentic self and live the life you have always wanted. Lauren is passionate about assisting those she crosses paths with on a journey of discovery and self awareness by setting clear & attainable goals, identifying obstacles and empowering you with the autonomy to make choices and flourish.

Lauren is qualified with a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours, and also works for the Queensland Government in Child Protection. Lauren engages collaboratively with families using her professional knowledge and strategies to teach & coach, Lauren empowers clients with life skills to lead a balanced fulfilling life and maintain their holistic health, happiness and wellness.

Liz Carroso
Paramedical Aesthetic Skin, Health & Nutrition Therapist

Liz is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to skin health, specialising in treatment for skin conditions as well as anti-aging. A proactive advocate for educating people on health, wellbeing & great nutrition, and how together with consistent clean eating, we can empower ourselves by stopping and even reversing the effects declining health & of course the aging process itself. Her passion revolves around teaching "the basics of going back to basics", with a large focus on natural health, cooking from scratch, being in tune with the messages our bodies communicate to us & being equipped with the knowledge to know exactly what we are feeding our bodies, & how it will respond. 

Having worked in the antiaging medical field for a number of years now, Liz walks her talk and loves to share not only her wealth of knowledge but her personal results and story (without mentioning an age, we are allowed to say she has walked on this Earth for over half a century now - and looks not a day close to it!).

Liv De Carlo
Licensed Radiation Therapist and Nutrition Coach (soon to be certified)
Instagram //

Working as a radiation therapist, Liv works closely with many unwell cancer patients. Seeing how debilitating this disease can be on people’s lives, she loves to help people start from the beginning to help prevent illness, and helping people avoid reaching this state in the first place through a holistic approach.

She's inspired by people who were once on the fast track to a life of disease, but turned their life around by living a happier and healthier life, more so than ever before. She explains that the dedication these people have is truly inspiring and shows that anyone can make a change in their health if they really want it to. Her life purpose is to help fight the rise of chronic disease so people can live long, happy and healthy lives.

Words from Liv: "I want be to be apart of the movement that strives to prevent the rise of chronic disease, which I believe can be achieved by taking care of one’s body and mind. I see myself changing the lives of many people through the years of my radiation therapy and nutrition coaching careers... because life is precious and is meant to be lived with the ones you love by your side".

Jessi Dennis
Intuitive healing coach
Instagram // @jesswanderin

Jessi has been traveling for several years which she describes as having taught her many things that have shaped her career. Working within her spirit day in and day out to provide herself and others with the greatest possible outcome in any situation. She explains that she "thrives in the now & works in the now", working with people who are dedicated to becoming the best self they can be.

Allowing room for change, growth, and transformation, Jessi creates a space for lessons to be learned in love and light. One of her core teachings is based in acknowledgement and allowance, being a big believer in personal growth when diving deep. She says "I believe in finding root. I believe in going after what is innately true within ourselves. I believe in abundant connection, and endless beauty. I believe in asking questions, and allowing the answers to be learned through the lessons in our life". 

With a heart strong focus on families and connection with nature, Jessi works to inspire and support those who have chosen to stand up on their own with a heart wide open. Her goal is to learn, grow, and teach from her own practice, practicing patience, and diligence. Recognizing who we are, and where we are, and allowing this to be a starting place is crucial to being well and growing towards our goals. 

Petra Kobe
CHEK Exercise Coach, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Bachelor of Exercise Science & Certified Personal Trainer

Instagram //  @nutritiousbody_soul

Petra is currently working as a personal trainer and holistic exercise and lifestyle coach. She is deeply passionate about helping others achieve optimal health and wellness.  She has seen that sustainable results are achievable through a healthy balance of movement, nutrition and lifestyle modifications. Petra believes that changing one’s thoughts can dramatically change one’s life. Her clients empower themselves to live lives full of happiness, abundance and joy by changing thought patterns that are not set in positivity, love and gratitude.

Petra’s passion stems from a deep understanding that we are all striving for happiness, love and inner peace.  Her purpose in life is to serve, to empower others to pursue their dreams and to love themselves unconditionally thus making choices for themselves that are wholly loving.  Once we make choices from that loving state, how we eat, think and move leads to a deep inner connection with our mind, body and soul.

Words from Petra: “Your words and thoughts create your world and your future.  You have complete control on how you view things and the meaning that you give events.  This gives you ultimate power on how your life unfolds.  There are no limits only the ones you impose on yourself so live life out of love, accept what you cannot change and listen to your inner being, that voice that ultimately knows what you need.”


Mia Bucholz
Certified Personal Trainer specialising in Womens Health

Instagram //  @bwhealthandfitness

Mia has always been passionate about keeping healthy and fit from a young age.  Mia completed her Personal Training studies and now runs her own holistic women's health and fitness business, Breakthrough Women's Health and Fitness, which focuses on helping women become strong minded, get results and live happier through whole food nutrition and exercise.

Mia's mission is to help and inspire 100,000 women.  She wants to make a difference in the health industry through holistic health and movement.  She wants to help women to feel confident, to jump out of bed in the morning with energy and to feel at ease with their bodies and their health.

Words from Mia: "I believe we are all put on earth to help each other.  Through health, sickness, wealth, success, failure, happiness, personal development or whatever it may be.  I am here to help others be confident, happy, healthy and vital through the power of nutrition and movement.

Courtney Lorking
Studying at the Australian Institute of Personal Training

Instagram // courtneylorking

Courtney is currently studying to be a personal training with the Australian Institute of Personal Training and has been inspired on her health journey after her struggles with mental Illness. She wants to show people and especially young women that there is a life after depression and anxiety and how fitness and wellbeing can help get over those dark times.

Courtney's motivation is fuelled by remembering the dark place she was in and how she never wants others to feel the same. She says, "I want to be the person people come to when they need help and for them to feel comfortable coming to me and knowing it's okay to talk. It's okay to not be okay."



Emma Garnsey
Diploma of Aesthetics (Diploma), skin specialist and lifestyle coach in the Healthstyle Emporium. 

Instagram //  @blissfulhealth_

Emma loves helping people who want to better their health and happiness and who are open minded to trying new things. She is also passionate about helping others who embrace self development and believe in holistic health and wellness. As Emma suffers with IBS, she has learnt a lot throughout her journey and would love to share her knowledge to help others who are also suffering with IBS.

Words from Emma: "Happiness is the key to life. So often we forget what it feels like to be truly happy. My aspiration in life is to help inspire others to live each day doing the things they love. Empowering them with positive choices and simple lifestyle changes that will create a life of happiness, health and abundance."


Krystle Moss
Certificate 4 in fitness through Onfit Training College.

Instagram //  @kalm_living

Krystle has been a fitness professional since 2008, is Les Mills group fitness qualified in attack, combat, step, jam, Zumba & boxing and has won Fernwood Australian Food coach of the year 2011/12/13. She is also qualified as a personal trainer and is currently working as a PT on the Gold Coast.

Krystle's family is one of her highest values and she is motivated to be the best version of herself for them, that's why she chose health & fitness as, she believes it is causes a huge ripple effect which will give a more fulfilling life to all.

Words from Krystle: "I wish to impact the lives of families, educate from the heart and influence the health of children and future generations. I feel I am here on this earth to offer support to all whom I reach and I am here to listen, guide and enhance the lives of others through holistic health and love."


Audra Haines
Certified Holistic Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Instagram //  @audrahaines

Audra is a Holistic Health Coach and has been helping women find their happiest healthiest self for nearly 2 years. It is her passion and drive to help women find their full potential so that they can create a flexible day and enjoy more of the things that they love.

Words from Audra: "I love helping women who feel 'stuck' in their current routine who have a passion for health and wellness and I feel my purpose is to inspire others that there is more to life than the 'norm' and that health is such a HUGE part of living a beautiful life. Health is wealth! It is my vision to help over 15,000 families get happier & healthier."


Kayla Mcdonald

Bachelor of Nursing

Instagram //  @kayla_wholesomelife

Kayla is one of the registered nurses and yogi's on the team and is currently working in the emergency department, specialising in emergency medicine. Prior to her emergency job she worked in mental health and had a particular passion for eating disorders, anxiety and depression. She is passionate about bridging the gap between managing symptoms and preventative medicine and believes that all healing begins within. Kayla says she is on a mission to introduce holistic health to as many women possible.

Words from Kayla: "Growing up I had extremely low self worth, I was a major emotional eater and in return I was always sick. I began my own healing through my yoga journey and began to love myself unconditionally. I believe that when we embody this unconditional love for our self we then begin to respect our body with amazing whole foods, healthy relationships, amazing experiences and in return our body loves us back. Fast forward to today illness is very much a ghost of my past, I am happy, healthy, energetic and no longer feel the need to emotionally eat.

"My wish is that today I can empower, inspire and uplift women all around the world to live their best life and embody an unconditional love for themselves. I would like to help women who are in need of being heard, unsure of where to start on their health journey or, women who struggle with their mood, emotions and low self belief."



Britty Allen

Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor

Instagram // @brittyally


Britty has worked at 24 Hour Fitness as both a Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor, and has continued to carry her love for holistic health and wellness with her everywhere she goes in life since she started her own health journey years ago. She specializes in and focuses on self-love, care, and acceptance. She hopes to open the eyes of thousands to mindfulness and the power of now through taking care of our minds and bodies. She believes that the answer to everything is in love.


Amanda McGrath

Cert III & IV in Fitness, Group Fitness Boxing Coach, Metafit Coach, High Intensity Resistance Training, Cert IV in Weight Management

Instagram //  @amfitlifestyle

Amanda has worked as a Personal Trainer and Weight Management Practitioner and is currently working as a Personal Trainer at Armadale Arena and is owner & founder of AMFit Lifestyle, where she is specialising in high intensity interval and high intensity resistance training in women. 

She is always learning and her favourite quote is “the only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday." Amanda says,  every day she aims to grow and become a better mother, wife, personal trainer, friend and daughter and that her motivation is knowing that any action she takes, is ensuring that she always growing and becoming a role model for her children and inspiring others around her.

Words from Amanda: "I resonate with the mummas, the ones that want to be fit and healthy, the mother that wants to have it all; be a stay at home mum, be the entrepreneurial mum, be the mum climbing the ladder of success but not sacrificing watching soccer practice and taking them to their first school disco in the process. It's the 21st century and women are allowed to have it all I want to help the people that want this but doubt that they can."


Crystal Dooley

Gold Coast Training Academy - Diploma of Beauty Therapy 2013,  2014-2017 ASAP Skin Care Professional

Instagram //  @crystalskinsecret

Email //

Crystal is currently studying to be a Beauty Nutrition Coach, whilst working as a Skin Health Therapist and Wellness Coach. Crystal wants to help those who don’t know where to start but want to turn their lives around and become the healthiest and happiest version of themselves through holistic health. She also wants to educate people in skin health through wholefoods and a simple, yet effective skincare regime. 

Words from Crystal: "I am a compassionate person and I don’t like seeing anyone lost or down. I know how hard some days can be, whether you feel flat or your skin has broken out, we are all human. I am motivated by knowing that I am helping someone reach their goals and creating happiness in their world through small changes, and improving any skin or health issues they previously had.  

I want to help someone who struggles maintaining healthy skin (acne, ageing, psoriasis, eczema etc) and someone who is ready to get motivated, stop bad habits and WANTS positive changes in their life. I love helping people who want to live a fulfilling life and try new things, but just don't know where or how to start."

bianca maree.jpg

Bianca Maree


Instagram //  @beefree_living

Bianca is an accredited dietitian who has specialised in weight loss, eating disorders and food intolerances for the last 4.5 years. Previously, she worked for a private practice company and now she owns and operates her own independent online practice.

Words from Bianca: "When I was 17 years old I suffered from an eating disorder - it is actually how I became a dietitian! My psychologist at the time encouraged me to pursue my future in the nutrition industry. I will be forever eternally grateful to him for it has helped me find my passion in helping women who struggle with their perceptions of their self worth & need help correcting their unhealthy relationship with food.

Furthermore, when I was 19 I contracted meningococcal meningitis. The amount of antibiotics I needed in order to keep me alive, whilst necessary at the time, completely destroyed my small intestine. As a result I now suffer from a range of food intolerance issues. I know first hand how debilitating it can be to suffer from chronic reactions. Being an expert in food intolerance management, I now believe it is my duty to help as many people as I can live a symptom free life!"

Cherie Archer.jpg

Cherie Archer

Certified Nutritional Health Coach

Instagram // @abalancedlifehc

Cherie is a Certified Nutritional Health Coach from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and is currently working as a Nutritional Health and Lifestyle support coach. She specialised in supporting rural and remote families, the self-development and mindset support coaching of teenage girls and the mindset and support coaching for weight loss.

Words from Cherie: "I have always had an interest in health and nutrition and decided to complete my studies with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and this is where I fell in love with Health Coaching and started to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I realised there was more to life than being put into a box with no windows and being told what I was worth and what I could and couldn’t do. My vision for myself became something that could be real and opened my eyes to so many possibilities. I have finally found a place to embrace who I really am. Seeing people kick their health and wellness goals and helping someone change their lives is the most rewarding experience I have been lucky enough to be a part of. This is what gets me out of bed in the mornings."


Chelsey Gunning

Holistic Nutritionist

Facebook // Nutrilogy Holistic Health

Instagram // @nutrilogy.holistichealth 

Chelsey is a yoga teacher, Reiki level 2 practitioner, NLP practitioner, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and has a counselling diploma. She specialises in mindfulness, emotional/disordered eating, weight loss, anxiety, NLP, veganism, endometriosis and addiction to name but a few. 

Words from Chelsey: "Four years ago I was obese and sick every day with symptoms from an autoimmune disease (endometriosis). I read up on a whole foods diet and while every diet I had ever been on, I felt deprived. This time I felt nourished and determined. I had gotten to a point where I was fed up and I knew that my weight and my sickness were holding me back in a huge way. I lost 25kg and barely ever have symptoms crop up anymore.  I am lighter in my mind body and soul. My debilitating nausea and anxiety disappeared almost completely and I want to help people feel the same way I do now. It changed my life and opened up a world of new possibilities and happiness. I want to show people that I was able to do it so, I know this is possible for anyone given the right guidance and education."


Tamsin Meekel

Pilates Instructor // Endoscopy Clinical Nurse

Instagram || Inner Vision Pilates //


After working as a Clinical Nurse Consultant for over 5 years in a busy endoscopy unit, Tamsin knows how important gut and pelvic conditions are affected by core strength and healthy eating. Having experienced working though a Fodmap diet as a patient, Tamsin is able to offer a wide range of advice from Gastric to Colonic issues, as well as advise the importance of a strong core and how that affects gastric issues.

Tamsin then studied further after two years of her own pilates practice to become a fully qualified Matwork and Reformer Pilates instructor, opening her own studio in the Gold Coast, Australia mid 2017. Tamsin offers all her pilates clients access to a leading Personal Training gym that guarantees her clients a result; whether it be wholistic health, losing a few kilos or being able to bend over and touch your toes.

Exclusive deal for Emporium Clients living on the Gold Coast - an initial goals and nutrition session valued at over $350 free when you sign up at Inner Vision Pilates. Session rate discounted to $45.


Hayley Miller

Facebook - Hayley Miller Fitness //
Instagram - Hayley Miller PT //

• Pre & Post Natal Course February 2017
• CPR Refresher Workshop May 2016
• Kettle bell Level 1 Fundamentals Course & Level 2 Advanced Course July 2015 • Certificate of Weight Loss Nutrition July 2014
• Apply First Aid & CPR Certificate June 2014
• Certificate IV Fitness/Personal training October 2012
• Level 1 & Advanced Boot Camp Instructor Course June 2012
• Thump Boxing Blast Workshop May 2012
• Apply First Aid & CPR Certificate April 2012
• Certificate III in Fitness 2009
• Level 1 & Advanced Boxing for Fitness courses 2009

Hayley's works as a Wellness Coach in the Emporium alongside her Group Fitness Insructing and Personal Training.

She says she was born to help people. Hayley loves guiding others to achieve their health and fitness goals whether it be helping them start being more active each day or helping them lose 20kgs. She says she is very lucky to have found such a wonderful network of women to work alongside online within the HealthStyle Emporium both together and separately.

Hayley wants to inspire and motivate women of any age to work towards a better version of themselves through health. She believes it does no't matter how old we are, there is still a way to feel good each and every day.


Jamie Anderson

Instagram - jamieando1010

Jamie is a personal trainer and also works in retail. Jamie has done work experience in multiple gym areas, studied at Tafe for fitness and is planning on doing a massage course in the near future. Jamie’s specialty area is fitness and she started this work to develop a more than average life. To do something she loves with access anywhere in the world, be in the comfort of her own home, help more people and get that extra income to be able to quit her retail side job, being fully dedicated to doing what she loves most!

What motivates her is the drive to help others, making her family proud and the amazing supportive woman we have within Babes In Business! Jamie wants to help ladies who are lacking motivation, want more in life and a desire to do more!

Jamie wants to make a difference in the world by educating more woman, giving support and guidance through health and fitness. Showing the world there is something for them and it can change your life for the better!

Jamie is inspired everyday by fellow her Babes in Business ladies who guide and mentor her, inspired from the book ‘The Miracle Morning’ by ‘Hal Elrod’ and is inspired by her family & friends everyday. She feels like her life purpose is to lift woman up, giving them the crown they deserve, listening, guiding and providing support and knowledge to help create health & happiness.

Jamie’s vision for herself is to have a beautiful home of her own, go traveling around the world, have a family (including a dog of course), working from home most of the time as a Wellness Coach in the Emporium, while also being a massage therapist and Trainer.


Kiera Brown
Instagram // @kierabrown12 @thepeachyclique

- Cert III Customer Contact
- Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness
- Ironedge Kettlebell course – Level 1 & 2
- Ironedge Functional Training course
- Currently competing Metabolic Precision course.

Kiera has worked in the Health & Fitness industry for the last 6 years. From working as a Personal trainer in the gym, to running her own outdoor bootcamps to working online with clients all across the globe.

Kiera has always had a passion for helping and inspring others to live a more fulfilled life and to always look for the positives in any given situation. She feels she was put on this earth to help make a difference and does not want to take this for granted.

Kiera worked in telecommunications for 5 years which is where she discovered her love for fitness. She hated sitting inside stuck in an office all day, missing out on the sunshine being under paid and under valued. She knew there was more to life and wanted to show her family and others how they too could live a more fulfied life of health, wealth and adundance.

What motivates Kiera is her family. Growing up she mentions she didn’t have much and feels she now has the tools and resources to be able to give her family the life they deserve.

Kiera wants to help people that want to be helped. Anyone that reaches out to her and says they want her help, she will move mountains to help them. Kiera says she comes into contact with a lot of people, some want to help themselves and some don’t. She wants to help teach people to be able to help themselves. Kiera believes as a Wellness Coache she has a duty to teach others how to help them selves long term. To teach them about the small sustainable lifestyle changes that can be made that they can implement into their lives and maintain forever. Being happy & healthy
in life is the greatest gift of all. Kiera feels too many people take this for granted and wait for something bad to happen before they make a change in their life. Kiera wants to educate others to not wait and to teach them to take preventative measures and to respect their bodies and their life.

‘We have one body and one chance at life’ Kiera says one of her main objectives is to help people make positive changes early in life so they can live a long, happy and healthy lives with their loved ones.


Roxanne Stafford



Roxanne is a Health Education Specialist and Wellness coach. She has been designing personal health programs, coaching and mentoring individuals to help them improve their health for the past 3 years. She has also worked in cardiology for the past 19 years, as a medical assistant and health informatics specialist.

Roxanne has earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedicine and received Magna Cum Laude honors. She then earned her Masters in Health Science Education. Where she received highest honors of Summa Cum Laude.

Currently, Roxanne has her own health and wellness business with the Babes in Business, and coaches her own clients, working on improving health and lifestyle. In addition, she teaches health and nutrition classes in her own community, as a way to give back and improve the health of her community. And finally, she continues to help her local hospital and medical group in the cardiology department, and focuses her time in health informatics and creating a healthy living program. Her specialty area has been her passion, and that is helping other individuals improve their health.

18 years ago, she was diagnosed with diabetes, colitis, an auto-immune disease, gastroparesis, migraines, and non-celiac gluten sensitivity. After becoming so sick, that she could no longer enjoy her family or life, she decided something had to change. Roxanne had to make changes in her own lifestyle choices to improve her health. Therefore, she went back to school to get her Bachelors in Biomedicine and Masters in Health Education. Along the way, she learned what critical lifestyle choices were needed to improve her health.

Today, she cannot describe how much her health has improved, and therefore enjoys her family and her life! In her work, she has seen patients that needed just the next step to help improve their health. And no one really had anything complete to offer them.

So, with this passion, she began working with individuals to take their health to the next level. She feels that assessing the client's needs, designing a good program, and supporting the individual by education and mentoring with the right tools is so important. She also believes in being a role model for her family by clean, healthy eating, fitness, lots of love and support and enjoying life is what helps them to grow to be strong healthy individuals.

She focuses her work mostly on women between the ages 35- 55 years of age, that may struggle with diabetes, digestive issues, auto- immune disease, hormones issues, and over weight. In additon, she is passionate about healthy children and healthy lifestyles for them. She wants to see healthier happier women and mamas. Plus, she wants to decrease disease for adults AND decrease obesity and disease for children.

Roxanne is very motivated and passionate about the research and design that she does in health and wellness. It is her vision to help bring more health back to the world through working with individuals and their families to help them achieve their health and wellness goals, improve their health and feel better!


Alecia Jade

- Certified Holistic Health coach with Institute of Integrative Nutrition
- Certified Holistic Health & Women’s Empowerment Coach

Alecia Jade is a Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach and a Women's Empowerment Coach. She is extremely passionate about supporting women to step into the highest, healthiest and happiest version of theirselves and equally as passionate about empowering & inspiring women to create, build & maintain raw, real & beautifully connected relationships with themselves, their significant other, their families and the world.

Alecia also runs various sister circles throughout Perth where she hosts sacred spaces for women to come together, connect, be witnessed, heard and valued. Alecia lovingly worked in the Social Work field for 13 years prior to becoming a mother. She is now a doting Mother to a beautiful baby boy and has a strong focus on conscious parenting alongside conscious relationships in her work with women.

She is committed to making a positive difference in the world through sharing and spreading the word of health, empowerment, higher consciousness and connection.

Alecia says health is about so much more than just nutrition and exercise- It is about love, connection, fulfilment, consciousness and living from a place of love over fear.

Alecia loves online wellness coaching because it supports her vision to make a positive difference whilst traveling and earning an income with her partner and baby boy.

She is able to connect with amazing women all around the world and support them to step into a happier and healthier version of themselves. It absolutely fills her soul to see people step outside of their comfort zone and do the things that really light them up. She says when people begin to really take ownership for their lives, amazing things happen!

Words from Alecia: "My soul’s purpose is to be the most conscious and mindful mama, partner, family member & friend that I can be whilst supporting others to do the same. My heart is most happy when I am traveling, spending quality time with those I love, meditating, dancing, singing, creating, writing, spending sacred time with other women and doing things that create positive change in the world."