Yoga Goodness

Are you someone who has always wanted to try yoga? Maybe you've started but you're not really vibing like everyone else. Maybe you're on a health quest trying to find the answer, be it fitness or spiritual... and you feel like the answer is in yoga, but you can't really see what all the fuss is about? 

With the release of my Yoga E-guide .. I thought why not write about why you certainly need this beautiful ancient tradition in your life. 

What is Yoga? 

Yoga means “to come together”. So what exactly are we bringing together when we breath deeply, twist, bend, stretch and hold funny looking poses?

Historically, the yogi’s (people who practiced yoga) believed that yoga could unite people with the entire universe, and bring an understanding to us, that all living beings are one, be it humans, tree’s, microscopic bacteria or your pet pooch.

Today, the modern yogi philosophy preaches a life of comfort, kindness, happiness, feeling great and feeling more alive. Yoga to me in a modern context, means bringing all corners of our life together into a delicious holistic harmonious circle of life… and finding balance within that circle. Love, career, finances, spirituality, creativity, joy, home life, relationships, physical activity, home cooking, health & power. More on that later!

Its super simple to practice yoga. You may think yoga isn't for you because you might feel as though you're not flexible, fit or strong. Maybe your mind wanders. But this is the funny part - yoga has nothing to do with all of that. The number one rule and focus of yoga is…wait for it… breath. Yup! If you can breath - which I'm guessing if your eyes are peeled to this blog right in this moment, you are alive and you CAN BREATH. So guess what, you can practice yoga & be really really good at it! 

Yes, at times you must balance like a tree or arrange your body into a cobra, the physical component of yoga comes with practice and strong will. After continuous love and devotion to your practice, I promise you, you will lose weight, strengthen your muscles, increase flexibility and circulation, increase healing, boost your immunity and calm your nervous system all at the same time.

What will yoga do for your mind and soul?

Oh, where do I begin. You become less reactive in stressful situations, like during a confrontation or when every single light on the way to work is red but you were meant to be there 10 minutes ago. You’re able to care less about others opinions and criticism. You judge yourself less. You’re able to stick up for yourself in ways you didn't think were possible and you’re able to stand your ground. When you’re walking or driving through your every day life, you notice how beautiful that little butterfly floating in the wind is or how amazing the tree’s look with the sun glistening on their green deliciously thick foliage. You feel spontaneous moments of gratitude for the little things in life like having 10 fingers and toes and having a roof over your head… however they may look like or whatever type of roof that may be. You smile in the most mundane moments, because you see the message. You are more present in life, living in the now rather than in the what was or what could be. You feel more compassion for others and you let go of situations with much more ease.

In time, your yoga practice will evolve into a lifestyle of peace and gratitude, you’ll stand up a little taller, breath a little deeper, be a little more honest with yourself (and others), your intentions will be a little more grounded and your mindset will be a little more beautiful. The perfect antidote for the modern day stressors. 

So why does this all happen? How does a physical exercise completely transform your body, mind & soul? Its all starts when you realise you can quiet your mind THROUGH your body, and through YOUR BREATH. When your toes hit the matt - the magic begins. And the most beautiful part of it all, the benefits and magic follow you off the matt and weave themselves into your life. 

According to the ancient philosophy of yoga, EVERY human is compassionate, loving and peaceful. Yoga just helps us first find that goodness within ourselves, and in others too… No matter who they are. Yoga helps you cut that umbilical cord to the anger, resentment, judgement and doubt we have within ourselves and towards others. And the more you practice yoga, the more clearly you will see how imperfectly perfect you are, as well as everyone else. 

No matter what your skill level is, or what your goals are - whether your goals are spiritual, physical, or you’re just curious to see what all the fuss is about about one of the world's oldest traditions… The wise yogi knows it's not the destination that should be in sight, but the process & the journey itself. Perhaps, it's not what you’re longing for that will bring you complete happiness, maybe it's right now - this very little moment - that is the actual reward.

Namaste x  



To celebrate the release of The Healthy Peach Yoga + Stretch guide this month, I will be holding a 30 day yogi challenge exclusively within our gorgoues online hub, The Healthstyle Emporium.


What's involved? 
- Every day for 30 days we will focus on one asana (pose), 
- A variety of sitting poses, standing poses, balancing poses, forward / back bend poses & 2 advanced poses for the courageous yogi's.
- You will learn the benefits of each asana,
- Step by step instructions on how to complete each asana, 
- Tips for beginner, Intermediate and advanced yogi for each asana,
- How and when to move, lengthen & strengthen in each asana,
- How to breath through each asana (prana & apana)
- Which chakra/chakras are being energized, 
- Daily intention and mantra for you to have a delicious day ahead.

Each day, the asana of the day will be posted with all the information in The Emporium. How to get involved? You must post a picture of your asana in the thread of each daily post. Prizes for the most involved and creative photo taking yogi babe will be given at the end (including active wear by Muscle Republic, a Doterra ice blue rub for those achy muscles and joints + yummo juice plus shakes).

Chani x