How to Survive a Mercury Retrograde ☄️😳


Wifi fails, computer + tech explosions, flights + travel plans melting, communication breakdowns , traffic is hellish, it’s like everyone around you has suddenly gone mad, you’re unable to finish sentences or remember what you were about to say & you find yourself getting into bizarre arguments about nothing at all. Yup, everyone please stand up and clap your hands for The Mercury Retrograde. You are BACK you mofo. You’ve arrived at our front door in all your hot mess glory. You are our unwanted but regular house-guest. You stumble in, knock over our valuables, spill red wine on the new fluffy ikea rug, leave crumbs all over the floor and hog the remote. Then, as quickly as you arrived, you disappear again, leaving us all slightly gob smacked but much better equipped to continue on with life. How do we deal with you?

Have no idea what I’m talking about? Ok lets talk about what the hell even is a Mercury Retrograde..

That little cute red planet is the ruler of communication, transferring important information, travel & its energy powers writing, conversation, technology, and our thinking. Think the postal system and email servers. It’s the messenger planet of ideas & strategy and the ruler of Gemini, which likes to talk, connect, socialise, and network. It also rules Virgo, a sign of efficiency and organisation. So when its in retrograde - BAH BYE FLOW MY EARTHLINGS!!

Retrograde periods occur when planets appear to be moving backwards, at least from our point of view here on Earth. In this instance Mercury is passing the earth in its orbit and as it rounds the bend, Mercury slows down and appears to look like its stopping and spinning backward (retrograde) but of course, it really ISN’T moving backward. It’s just an illusion. Kinda like two cars passing each other when one slows down it looks like its going backwards (Mercury, in this case).

So how do we survive the crazy energy mercury is throwing our way? #halp

The good news is astrology is here to help us and make us aware of the opportunities around us. Don’t let Mercury retrograde stop you from living life. Think of this period as time to check-in and reflect on where you’re at rather than start anything new.

Its time to RE-wind:
〰️re-lax and take a chill pill, go with the flow
〰️ re-flect on the past, where have you come from, what have you achieved, what can you celebrate?
〰️re-view contracts and agreements, dot your i’s and cross them t’s & read them thoroughly (no joke)
〰️re-new commitments rather then making new ones
〰️re-store your energy, give back to yourself
〰️re-peat what you just said, take a breath and re-explain what you meant to say especially via message/text
〰️re-unite with old friends, check in on someone who its been a long time between chats and re-flect on the good times
〰️re-store integrity with the people in your life, apologise and / forgive
〰️ re-decorate a room
〰️read all emails, messages & documents carefully, read the fine print.

Its not the time to:
〰️buy new valuable things like phones, laptops, cars, homes… anything that may need repair
〰️sign contracts… hold out until we’re back in motion if possible
〰️assume someone means what they have just said, communication will be misconstrued in this time, everyones just as exhausted, dont take it personally
〰️send emails in a mood, you’ll regret it (be careful not to press that reply all button too)
〰️leave late for flights + Appointments
〰️forget to back up … like everything
〰️be a neg ferret, no one wants to hear it right now 🙃

Allow Mercury to nudge you in the unusual direction you’ll find yourself in at this time. If you seem to find yourself in all sorts, don’t try to wriggle out of it, I urge you to take a deap breath and look at what the universe is trying to show you. What can you learn from this situation? What is the lesson here? This is a beautiful time to re-examine, accept, learn and move forward. It’s a great time to handle unfinished business. Most of us start a million things at once that we don’t complete without realising how much energetic clutter this creates inside us. The retrograde is like a forced quarterly review. It’s a chance to tie up those loose ends and create a clear vision for your future.

I’ve had the funniest experience with this MR this month, and reflecting on the perfection of my current situation, im sitting back and enjoying the ride. Matt and I went to fly back to our home in Nicaragua last week after a 5 day little trip to Brazil for Carnival. We were SO excited to get home, to the pool, the ocean views, the air con, the comfy bed, our ‘things’ & back to work … We arrived at the Nicaragua customs boarder after 24 hours of long flight time and we had our passports taken off us by officials, told we couldn’t enter the country, and kicked out onto the next plane to Miami, Florida all within a space of 20 minutes. No lie!! We’ve been here for a week so far and yes the wifi hasnt been working, my emails are unaccessible, my laptop is wigging, hard drives are not responding and you get the point… curve balls. But the most wonderful and beautiful “sliding doors” moments have happened in the last week while here in USA that I cant help but think its all on purpose and a beautiful situation of synchronistic events.

Don’t forget what you resist persists. Find the beauty in your situation. So the more you can embrace the chaos or a lack of control, the better you’ll survive this cycle. Expect the unexpected & S L O W - D O W N. Breathe. Meditate. Journal. Get offline. Read a book. Be high vibe.

Hugs x

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