How to achieve wealth, health and happiness (all at the same time!)

This was something I thought a lot about after my trip to India last year - it was one of the most amazing trips of my life! So many moments of enlightenment, lessons and blessings, which is why I want to share with you what I took away from it.

The big message or topic in particular that kept coming up for me was money, but I’ll get into this more in a sec.

One profound experience I had over there was getting to visit an orphanage. What I realised while I was visiting was that people can be so happy with nothing (or what we perceive to be nothing.) To them, they have everything. They’re so grateful and they’ve got no stress in the world.

They’ve got clothes, they’ve got food, they’ve got water and they’ve got an education. They’ve got someone who cares for them & they’ve got friendships.

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I think this always happens when you go to a developing world country and you come back to your own reality, but it made me realise that we have SO much here back in Australia. We’re so blessed to have so many beautiful things in our lives, yet so many of us are unhappy… why is that?

If you look around, everyone is striving for success, and goals, and better income...but then we get there and it’s like “ohmygosh, what’s the next thing!?” “I didn’t get there fast enough”, “Im not the best in my field”… It’s always about striving for MORE and it’s a never ending race against ourselves that we will never win.

For me, this experience humbled me to be grateful for what I already have. Because it’s a lot - I recognise that I’m immensely abundant. 

It made me remember to relish in the now, rather than worrying about the future so much.

I’m just so grateful for what I have now - I live in my dream home, I have beautiful friendships, an amazing partner, a great healthy family. I have everything I need, really. I have an amazing career and beautiful people surrounding me.

So what are you grateful for? Take a moment right now to think of three things…

It was really good to get grounded and come back down to earth, and to just recognise the pressure we put on ourselves sometimes.

So that was one thing I took away from my trip.

The next thing that was a huge theme for me while I was there was money.

We buy things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t even like…

My message about money was extremely profound and it kept popping up for me over and over again during my trip. Now, what I’m about to say you may or may not agree with and I’m aware I might trigger some people here...but that’s ok! If you don’t agree with me, I believe that’s 100% healthy and we’re all entitled to our own insights and opinions - I just ask that you listen with an open heart and an open mind.

It became so apparent to me how we become trapped in this world where the things that we own end up owning us.

Advertising has us chasing all these ridiculous things like expensive cars, designer clothes, and materialistic things that have little or no importance.

We work in jobs we dislike so that we can buy all this shit we don’t even need…

It was just such a massive realisation for me, and the following messages became so clear to me:

You are not your job

You are not the car that you drive.

You are not the clothes that you wear, or the designer bag that’s hanging off your arm, or the contents of your wallet. It all means nothing.

We live in such a consumer-driven world and so many people have fallen into the trap of this “lifestyle obsession.”

And to be honest, it was a massive slap in the face for me.

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It was so crazy for me to see that there were these people, not too far away from us, who are stuck in a never ending war, they’re involved in crime to survive, there are others dying of poverty, and there are children being sold into sex slavery. 

Yet we’re more concerned about our next pay day so we can pay for that extra special TV with extra channels on it (that doesnt contribute to your growth one little bit).

Or waiting for payday so you can buy that designer handbag you have your eye on because your fave influencer blogger wore it recently (who probably got it for free by the company with the intention for you to see it and buy it because it temporarily feeds the insecurities that people are to numb to face…)

It’s just ridiculous when you think about it!

I know that there’s a lot of people, maybe even someone reading this right now, who have more month at the end of the money and they’re just stuck in this vicious cycle of living beyond their means.

But this cycle is is us attempting to fulfil our ego.

While I was over in India I read this amazing book, “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks. So much stood out for me in this book - If you haven’t read it, I really urge you to.

One of the lines he said that really spoke to me was,

“you will never have enough money to buy all the things that you don’t really need, and you will never have enough time to do all the things you don’t really want to do. So why do it?”

I believe our concept of time and money is built largely around scarcity.

And the craziest thing of all is that the advertising industry thrives on the fact that they know this, and most of us don’t. 

We all have iPhones and huge TV’s, yet we don’t believe we can afford to spend $3 a day on our health…

So the other thing I noticed is that the same people who are spending more than they have on stuff they don’t need often feel like they’re unable to afford to invest in their health. 

Now obviously I’m in the health and wellness industry, I’m a nutrition coach and I have an online program that helps people literally change their lives - The Healthstyle Emporium. I talk to hundreds and hundreds of people every week who are looking for an answer on how to heal their bodies.

And my holistic program is proven to work, it’s scientifically backed and there are thousands of people from all around the world who have been through this incredible program and are getting great results. This program is available to ANYONE for as little as the price of a cup of coffee a day...yet I still have people daily saying they can’t afford it 🤷‍♀️

Health is one of my biggest values (it’s why I left my career to enter the holistic health world) and I see people daily not valuing their health, notting putting their health first, and not valuing the prevention of disease and illness, because a cup of coffee is way more important or materialistic items that no one really cares you own…

It’s all about immediate gratification rather than long term vision.

That’s just one example, and it makes me think about WHY we actually do this.

I came to the conclusion that most people have this ridiculous fantasy of being rich and famous, and so they put value on buying items that give them that immediate gratification because momentary happiness will numb the pain, just for that little bit.

Unfortunately working on your health and wellbeing usually doesn’t give you that immediate gratification most people are looking for.

So they become this slave to money, and money never works for them because they never buy real appreciating assets that go up in value instead of down. They begin building a life for themselves where the money they have always feels like it’s disappearing, rather than building in value.

But what they don’t understand is that there’s this amazing world out there where investing, compounding income & trading is working exceptionally well for those who wont succumb to the conditioning of society. Where your money ACTUALLY makes you money. This is real long term vision - and its a world where people who relish on instant gratification don’t hang out (and they don’t even know this world exists).

What successful people do that… unsuccessful people don’t:

I see this all the time in entrepreneurs, and even in some business owners who are constantly starting a new project time and time again, and especially in my industry - I see people having this exponential growth and they grow incredible amounts of wealth in a very short amount of time...only to subconsciously sabotage themselves because they don’t understand the meaning of patience & long-term vision.

Unfortunately when this happens, the immediate feeling of that high plummets down just as fast as it went up and their self-worth goes down with it. They’re now trapped in this world where they’re living with no appreciating assets, everything they own has no value, and they’re stuck in the world of consumerism with expensive belongings that mean nothing.

They just want to find a “get rich quick” fix, but it doesn’t exist.

My answer to having wealth, health, happiness and abundance, all at the same time?

First I’ll tell you I’ve learnt the hard way - I’m not saying I was never there, because I definitely was, and I think its why I’m so called to share how profound the message India gave me was.

I was once that chick earning an above average income who was broke AF, who couldn’t afford to put fuel in my car to get to work at times & living off a $50 note until pay day. I was way in over my head in debt & I was in my mid twenties without ever saving more then $500 and a maxed out credit card that was literally ripping the life out of me.

I’ve been there… but here’s what I found…

  1. I believe that you can only become healthy, wealthy and happy at the same time when you serve others in some shape or form. 

  2. When you have a purpose and you work to fulfill that.

  3. When you have control over and manage your income weekly like its an addiction.

  4. When you value money and the importance of saving it. I was taught by my wealth creation coaches at a minimum 10% of your income has to be going to savings, and you have to have that willpower to not touch it - ever. Because the savings you accumulate can eventually be enough for investments that will allow your money to work for you - its been nearly 6 years that I implemented some life changing wealth principles & today I save over 40% of my weekly income and I’ve built up to that over time. I started at 10% and increased it slowly every quarter and its not my travel savings, or my splurge savings… its my “money making savings” + a safe padding to fall on if anything ever goes wrong that I cannot make an income.

  5. Learning how to invest is so important! Investing in yourself by paying for courses and mentors, even investing time to learn how to actually invest your money is the next best thing. This also includes investing in your long term health. If you’d like to look at the course I took to get started - check out my mentors Mitch & Mills and their course “Master, Mind & Money” here

  6. Learning the universal laws and principles - things like giving back to people, giving without expecting back and giving to a cause that opens your heart and means something to you. When you feed inspiration out, it comes back to you in so many ways and I’ve definitely seen this over the years.

  7. Being open to accumulating money and not blowing it on buying bullshit that doesn’t mean anything (cars, clothes, designer bags, whatever it is…). Now dont get me wrong… I LOVE LUXE. Of course I love nice things I really do, but you will never see me buy myself a designer hangbag or fly first class unless its been gifted to me. Its a little trick I learnt from the book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by Julian Mantle. Can I afford luxe items? Yes. Do I buy them? No. Do I accept them when companies offer them to me… ABSO-FREKIN-LUTLEY!!

  8. Being strict with yourself and knowing that people who are successful or who do have their shit together are not parading all their lavish items online and showing off, they’re actually investing their money in areas where it’s making more money for them behind the scenes. They have enough self worth that they really don’t need your approval. I herd someone say once that you know you can afford a private jet when you dont need to post about it on social media… I thought that was funny (NB: The first time I fly on a private jet I probably WILL post it on social media because I probably haven’t been able to afford it and I scored a ticket on it somehow 😆😆😆 #manifestingit).

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The other way I believe you can create that abundance of health, wealth and happiness is by creating a legacy, or something that is going to leave your footprint on the planet so when you leave this earth it continues to live on.

Don’t save to buy things, save to have security and save to buy assets instead. Rather than working for money, have your money work for you. 

Learn how to create a residual income. I’m just going to name drop Babes In Business here because that’s what we’re all about - we teach women how to grow their financial literacy and be empowered with the skills on how to make residual income (money you physically dont have to work for) and create a second stream of income or even a new primary source of income if that’s what you want!

I guess the last thing is having the willingness to give up that immediate gratification and have a long term vision. 

I think a lot of people, especially my age, don’t have that. They don’t understand long term vision, they have no idea what it is. 

This happens because we can go on an app and order food, then Uber Eats is at our door in 20 minutes… We don’t even have to wait for a TV show to air these days, you can just “10 Play” it… I know people who don’t even watch a whole season of a show because they just want to watch it all in one binge session… That’s just our generation now.

Having that long term vision for things is amazing and will pay off for you.

Once you have all of the above down pat, your wealth grows and it accumulates over time. You can’t defy it, it’s like gravity.

While I’m certainly no expert in any of this, everything I’m talking about right now comes from years of growing through my own pain in this area, research, working on myself, working on my wealth, applying principles that have literally taken years to perfect - and still perfecting!

I’m not perfect, but I have worked really hard on nailing this aspect of my life.

I also have incredible mentors and coaches who have taught me all of this and its been the best investment of my life.

So I’ve gone from being a broke uni student, to somehow landing my dream job, to getting incredible promotions, and having all these random opportunities and different income streams come my way... to opening my own business, meeting my income goals and surpassing my full-time nursing income and traveling around the world full time with my hubby.

It’s been years of work, but it’s worth it.

The reason why I wanted to share this with you is because I just want to inspire you to stop living in that “world” where you’re trapped, you’re stuck with no money - buying shit you don’t need, not saving, and not living a life that’s lighting you up.

That’s why I love Babes In Business! Some people join Babes In Business because they just want an extra $500 a month to pay for a babysitter and go on date night. Some people want $1000 a month because they’d love to pay for their rent. Some others are like me, and don’t want to keep working for an average income. I’ve always known I would be a multiple 7+ figure income earner - so I could give back and show others how to do it too.

Whether I help people build a business where they’re working on that full time, or if it’s just a second stream of income, I just love doing it all. And I love helping people have more confidence and embark on their entrepreneurial journey because I know the satisfaction I’ve gotten from it and I love sharing it with others.

Anyway, that’s just one of the things I took away from India, amongst a million other things!

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If you feel like you’re stuck in that trap I was talking about, if you feel like you’re treading water every month and that there’s more month at the end of the money, and you have no idea how you’re going to make it to payday…

I invite you to get in touch with me. I’d love to help you and to connect with you, no matter the circumstances. What I do isn’t just money-centric either, it’s also so much fun and you get to make so many beautiful friends!

If you’re interested to learn how this might work for you, just click here & lets have a chat - I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

I hope this has given you some value today, or at least something to think about when it comes to managing money and your lifestyle for the future.

With love,

Chani x

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