I broke up with my business Instagram (@healthypeach_) account for a bit and had a total “work tech-tox” which was the best thing I’ve done in so long!

Don’t get me wrong, I still worked, just in smarter ways :)

For some time now I’ve kept asking myself the same question, does hard work = more success?

To be more + have more, do we have to do more? Hustle more? And grind until we’re exhausted?

For a really long time I have had a HUGE goal on my vision board. Im talking BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal) and the type of goal that would make me cry when I visualised it whilst scaring the pants off me at the same time.

But I had this inner most dominant thought take over every single time I would think about it, or work towards it or plan for it … “I just cant do it”.

You see, I had this ridiculous misconception that you have to work harder in order to finally reach the success you’ve desired to reach + holy shit balls I was already working SO HARD I just didn’t know how I was meant to put any more effort in.

I was coming from a mega scarcity mindset with thoughts like:

“I don’t have enough time to fit this all in”
"There arn’t enough hours in the day”
“If I slept less I could fit in more”
"I’m working back to back and I’m exhausted”
“I’ll skip todays work out and get straight into it to get more done today”

And so on, and so on… perhaps you’ve been hustlin HARD and you’re reading this thinking… “YEP this is me & I’m tired now!!”.

That was me.

It wasn’t sexy, or fun… it was exhausting and I was getting no where near my BHAG goal, in fact I was going backwards, getting further and further away from it.

I found myself thinking IS THIS REALLY IT? Is this the path for me grinding my days away just constantly feeling like I’m climbing a big AF mountain with its own weather system, all day every day? Blood, sweat, tears, ugly cry faces, never ending 24/7 go-go-go HARD WORK? 😩

- 15+ hour days,
- Back to back meetings,
- 100 tabs open (on my computer screen and in my mind),
- 4573485643 projects at one time,
- Brain working faster then my computer so chopping and changing tasks when that horrid spinny wheel of death appears,
- Always running late, feeling guilty, feeling stressed, burnt out,
- Crying of frustration &
- Feeling like a god damn slave…

Im embarrassed to say but for 30 years now, I have always believed that hard work was the ONLY key to success. 3 months ago - that inner most dominant thought was squished. And I want to share how…


You’ve been lied to all along. And you know what… it stops today!

Here’s the truth…

Its true that it took me 3 years of hard grind to get to where I am today in my business, in the beginning it looked something like 10+ hours a day to earn a $4K pay cheque at the end of the month. In hindsight, I was doing it all wrong and I could have possibly gotten to where I am today faster, If I had just.let.go.

Im proud to say we reached our BHAG goal last month and we frekin smashed it out of the park. We not only ticked the youngest in the Southern Hemisphere to ever reach what we just accomplished but we did it working 20 hours a week, traveling the world full time, with a harmonious feminine and masculine energy in our day every day, finishing up with a month that... I dont know how to say this without sounding presumptuous… but a pay cheque that pays 7 x the amount I was getting paid as a struggling hustler.

Now, I’m not one to announce my financial status all over the internet and I’m not saying this to impress you what so ever, I’m sharing this to impress upon you what is totally achievable.

What I’ve learnt from this?

Working harder is NOT the magic sauce of success.

And NO, money isn’t the ONLY reflection of success or happiness… I know many people extremly abundant financially and they are by no means “successful”. Its about impact. Emotional revenue. Its about fulfilment. Living life aligned with your highest values. Who you can help. Your favourite causes you can tithe or donate your time to. Thats true wealth.

However I do believe abundance is a reflection of your self worth, of how dedicated your are to growing and evolving, of how aligned you are with what you’re doing, and your commitment to your vision, your mission, your purpose and your “why”.

The TRUTH about success is actually this:

  • Hustle is NOT SEXY, its exhausting & you can drop the facade that you enjoy it right now.

  • Success is meant to be FUN. If you’re not having fun, reconsider what you’re doing and why. Doing something you hate will not bring more abundance to you.

  • Success is meant to FLOW, its meant to feel like you are in the right place, at the right time and the universe will do a really fab job of dropping nice hints to remind you of that.

  • Success comes from aligning yourself with energies that make you FEEL good, giving back, creating impact + doing good things.

  • Success comes from INSPIRED ACTION, not from action you force yourself to do because you feel you need to.

  • Success comes from balancing that feminine and masculine energy in your life, if you’re taking massive action and it feels misaligned, it will never bring you fulfilment.

  • Success, money & goals getting ticked off are meaningless when you are not truely happy or aligned. Being unhappy with all your goals being met = not successful.

So heres what happened to me…

3 months ago my hubby + I sold up our things, stored what was left in a storage, packed a bag, flew to Europe with a one way ticket, bought a car + we’ve been driving through each country living each day without a plan for tomorrow. THIS IS SO UNLIKE ME. You can check out my travels on my personal IG here.

BUT… its the best thing thats ever happened, I was forced to find that beautiful balance between hustle + flow, for the first time ever. I’ve been practicing dipping in and out of both masculine and feminine energies within my business … ** enter MORE SUCCESS **.


For someone who always thought to be more, earn more + grow rapidly you had to “work harder”, this was hard to grasp. I’ve learnt that hustle is not hot and I’ve decided that’s NOT what success looks like to me in my eyes starting now…

I guess our trip around the world has forced me to cut down on the grind, get back in touch with nature, explore more, play more & deal with shitty wifi so I can jump offline more :)

So… let me get this right does this mean that I should just sit around and do nothin?”

NO! 🙈In order for the Universe to keep up the flow of all of our dreams + desires, we must keep taking action on them.

You just need to find the difference between hustling & allowing, which is simply this:

  • Directionless, painful, forced action = hard work. Ew.

  • Inspired, focused, fulfilling action = Allowing. Receiving. Abundance. Success. YUM!

I seriously believe that when we work too hard we become stressed which immediately stops all the good jujuz flowing our way, then we stop believing in the miracles of life, we begin telling ourselves its not possible or we’re not worthy of it and voila… you have literally cut off the flow from source. Boooo!

So if you’ve been tirelessly hustling your butt off and you’re over it. I challenge you to stop.



Ask for guidance.

Ask yourself what is the lesson you need to learn here?

Who do you need to become?

What needs to change?

How are you feeling about what you’ve been doing?

Take a weekend getaway.

Heck, get yourself a one way ticket outta here. It worked for me!


Pat more animals.

Hang out with puppies.

Ground yourself in Mother Nature cos she’s pretty frekin beautiful.

Bask in the sunshine naked.

Press snooze.

Read a book.

Take a bath.



Whatever you do, just detach yourself from the hustle and tune into what YOU actually need to do. Which is to take a step back… in order to take two steps forward.

So… I’m back on Instagram ❤️

I just needed some time to get real flowy, ya know? I chose to hustle last month but I chose where to give my hustle and where to give my flow, so my business IG got the cut amongst other things 😝 and I just went cray crazy on my personal travel IG because thats where I was flowing… hard out!

Know you are worthy of all the success in the world. You are loved.
I love you for making it to the end of this blog.

You’re a crazy Goddess 👸🏼 / Bawse 🤴🏼 who’s capable of TOTAL BAD ASSERY.
And you deserve all the success and accolades in the world, but be a receiver of that success, not a forcer.

And as Abraham Hicks says:

Once you figure out what it is you want, your work is not to set sights on it and think about it all day long. Your work is to CHILL. Your work is not to figure out what the path is because the path is being revealed to you. You just have to figure out how to be receptive to the information about the path”

I hope this has served you,

Chani x

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