The following are products I've aligned myself & my brand with.

Im incredibly passionate about bringing the best to my clients but most importantly educating them and being the vehicle for their optimal health & wellness. I don't believe in supplements, I 100% believe we can heal our bodies through adequate nutrition, & I also do not advocate for meal replacement shakes, fad diets, fat burning products or any other unnatural quick fixes that will harm us instead of nourish us.

The following items are products I personally use daily & have personally researched prior to committing myself to, by reading the copious published medical studies and peer reviewed scientific journals that come hand in hand with them.

Should you need more information please contact me & I'll be happy to chat with you & share. 




Dairy free smoothie shakes.
Safe for pregnant & breastfeeding mothers, athletes & ingredient sensitive people.
Great as a pre or post workout smoothie, breakfast on the run, a replacement for that naughty snack & amazing to kick those late afternoon / night time cravings. 


Skipping the fish & going straight to the source!
This vegan omega is unlike other Omega products in the market, these use the natural source – algae,
 instead of fish which provides us with a purer, more sustainable and vegan friendly source of Omega 3’s. 
Incredible for eye health, brain health, skin health, supports cardiovascular health, improves memory + reduces inflammation.

Coming Soon.