Chani was able to help me work towards my goals by not only just telling me what to do and what not to do but also explaining why, and the impacts. I’ve done this program twice now!

I reduced the negative association with what is termed ‘bad’ foods
and replaced them with the focus on providing my body with foods that make me feel better.

Unlike other nutritionists/dieticians I have seen before, Chani provided me with more than just a standard meal plan and exercise tips, she provided a learning approach with an individualised food plan which equipped me with the knowledge, understanding and tools to achieve my goals. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
— Caterina
I have never felt better! At first i was a bit sceptical but now i cant wait to share it with others.  So much more energy,found my love for life again, love the on going support from everyone and the positivity.  Lots of energy, skin is clearing up.  Would love it if everyone was more active on the health style group! i love logging into facebook and seeing what everyone is up to on the page, what they’re eating, exercise regimes everything :D
— Breanna
Easy to navigate, covers overall mental, physical and spiritual wellness. informative and supportive. Clearer thinking and goal accomplishment. Have learned more overall and get more engaged to stay with a program. Better energy, skin/nail health and I’m sure my gut and intestinal health is enhanced. I would add more workout challenges and education on training styles to engage the fitness side of wellness.
— Krystle Moss
I’m very happy with the program. It’s quite easy to follow. While i’m only a couple of weeks in. I have managed to lose 3 kgs. And have cut back on my coca cola intake to just 2 cans of 200mls. I have also increased my water intake from just a few glasses to 3 litres a day. I love the Dutch Chocolate shakes. They are my personal favourite and I have it with skim milk. I didn’t really like it with just water. But otherwise, they keep me full for a few hours. The girls over at the Healthstyle Emporium are very lovely. There is no judgement which I love seeing and are very supportive.
— Wendy Armitage
The day I won a 4-week nutritional coaching package with Chani changed everything. Chani taught me so much about my body and the foods I had been eating.

She mentored me to eat right, train right and meal prep right.
The biggest difference of all 100% is my happiness. I was overwhelmingly obsessed with food and exercise which consumed my mind every day. I now have a much healthier relationship with food and exercise & I have never been so content with my body.

I recommend Chani to absolutely everyone. I want people to know that she’s the best & I would not have made it through the worst time in my life mentally without her. She’s an intelligent, beautiful, caring and motivational person. Incredibly understanding, non-judgemental and supportive & only wants the absolute best for her clients.
— Ali P
Loving it, so informative and everyone is there to help. 10/10. Feeling less bloated, not so anxious and I’ve lost 5 kgs in 4 weeks plus lots of cms. Feeling healthier. Krystle moss is so amazing and encouraging - thank u for the support.
— Sharon troy
Love it. Only been following for a month, but in that time have so much more energy and just feel so much better about me. Not as tired, feel more alert all day, so much more energy. Keep up the good work!
— Stacey Leadbeatter
Great program. Found everything to be useful and informative. More energy and slight weight loss. More energy and slight weight loss. More collated PDF recipe books etc would be really handy.
— Amy Barker
I have only been on the healthstyle emporium for 4 weeks, but I have already noticed massive changes in myself both physically & mentally. I LOVE the fact that dinners can always be used as leftovers for lunch the next day. It seriously makes it so much easier, I’m a busy person where I’m always out seeing family & friends so knowing once dinner is cooked lunch the next day is too! My personal results I’ve noticed is im feeling ALOT less bloated. I’m a lot happier within myself, & I notice that I am getting out a lot more and being active. I’m not sure if I’ve had results from the juice plus capsules as my diet has completely changed so I feel it may be from both! I really enjoy that this program is about ourselves & loving ourselves. I have tried previous programs and I always gave in because it was always about weight loss. But this program has taught me to love myself and to nourish myself, I think having this as our goal is so much more achieveable because it makes us want to be healthy and happy. Which by doing this we see results in our physical appearance too! It’s the best thing I have taken part in & it’s only early days still!
— Caitlin McPherson
Love it! Maybe a travelling eating guide & hotel room workouts could be an idea to add. Self-awareness, calmer moods, more happiness, healthier lifestyle overall. No bloat, sugar cravings minimised to beqrly nothing, more energy, no 3pm slump, faster growing nails, longer hair, more defined muscle tone.
— Larissa Gray
Lots of good information available to incorporate into daily living. Although informative the webinars could be more organized. Better sleep, hair and nails in better condition, promotes regularity. Like anything else in life, you get out of something what you put into it.
— Janelle Zettel
The health style emporium is an amazing program to help create a new improved ‘you’ it focuses on improving and reseting all area of our life to achieve life long results and a true healthstyle. The healthstyle emporium has set me on a journey, I initially wanted some ‘magic’ formula to eat this and excercise like this and lose the weight I want to, instead I am a journey, making over my life, and addressing all areas to create more balance and time to focus on meal prep and exercise to achieve maintainable results - I am not where I want to be but I am on the path to getting there. Great for energy and knowing you are getting your maximum fruit and veg! Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the program, I have loved working with Chani and thank her for all the things I have achieved in the year, clearing my “Life baggage” to make room for achieving my weight loss goals!
— Hayley Campbell
Fabulous and Fun. Lots of yummy recipes and great advice shared by other wonderful women. My skin improved within a couple of weeks. Terrific products. I have moderate to severe eczema all over and it has really helped. Chani and her team are just awesome. Full of fantastic information. The emporium is full of wonderful and supportive like minded ladies.
— Emily Aitken
I think the support network that you gain when you join the program is very powerful. You feel inspired and motivated by yhe group atmosphere around you. Overall I found the program very positive. My results were really an increase in my interest in finding healthier more nutrition eating options for myself and my family.
— Bronwen Morgan
Very well laid out and easy to navigate around. Lots of informative and encouraging information to read. Loved the recipes! No real personal goals or results were set, however, in particular, I loved your webinars, very informative and felt each time I could take a lot of useful knowledge away from them. Overall energy levels seemed high. Seeing others ladies and coaches encouragement and seeing how others are going on the program was really inspiring.
— Sophie Rabache
I love it. I have lost weight, I appreciate my body more. Faster growing hair & nails, more energy, less sugar cravings.
— Nikkea sayce