YOGA // A guide to 30 days of self discovery.

YOGA // A guide to 30 days of self discovery.

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What is yoga? Yoga means “to come together”. So what exactly are we bringing together when we breath deeply, twist, bend, stretch and hold funny looking poses?

Delve deep into a this guide filled with daily asanas complemented with step by step instructions, specific chakra activation and alignment guides, a daily mantra, breath work and of course advancements for our courageous and adventurous yogi's. 

A delicious variety of sitting poses, standing poses, balancing poses, forward / back bend poses & 2 advanced inversions... You're bound to be blissed out by your 30th day. 


- The benefits of each asana,
- The wonderful world of chakra activation and awareness,
- Step by step instructions on how to complete each asana, 
- Tips for the beginner to advanced yogi for each asana,
- How to breathe through each asana (prana & apana)
- Which chakra/chakras are being energized, opened and revitalised, 
- Your daily mantra each morning for you to have a delicious day ahead.