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Chani Thompson

Who is Chani?

I'm a nutrition coach. I'm a speaker. I'm a Registered Nurse. I'm a blogger. Im the co-host of one of the top rated Australian podcasts. I'm a business mentor to thousands of women worldwide.
Im a Natural Olympia World Champion. I am in LOVE with travel & adventure.
I'm a free spirit on a mission & this is my story.

I've written this section so I can explain to you a little about my story and share with you how my love for holistic health and food came to be about. For me, everything begins with what we put in & on our body - whether that may be food & products or words & thoughts, all the way to the air we breathe & how we breathe. I'm a huge advocate for clean living and having a healthy balance, and I believe that having this all comes down to the respect you have for yourself. 

It wasn't until I understood the huge role that food & my thoughts played in my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, that I was able to experience a total metamorphosis and really begin to flourish in all areas of my life - not just in health, but every aspect of life. Stuff just started to happen in my favour. With my practice and mission I want to help you build a healthy relationship with yourself first and foremost, and then of course food - the way you think, feel, become aware of and enjoy life is important to me and ultimately, I want to leave you feeling like your happiest, healthiest & most inspired version of yourself.    

I've long had a passion for helping others achieve their goals. Being a Registered Anaesthetic Nurse for over 5 years, with a background in Exercise Science & a Certificate of Nutrition & Health Coaching from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I know the profound effects of what a great mindset, a beautiful life balance and the right attitude towards food plays on our bodies & our overall well being. What I aim to offer through my practice and programs is a culinary service like no other based around education on healthy and sustainable lifestyle habits with science based research to help you not only achieve your goals, but maintain them.


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the pivotal moment...

The idea of "Healthy Peach" came about in 2013 when I set myself a goal to compete in my first fitness competition. Initially, this goal was just an excuse to finally get myself into shape after a long time of terrible self talk, no self love, and unhealthy eating + lifestyle habits.  What I didn't know at the time was that I was about to embark on a journey that would change my entire life as I knew it. After months of preparation, training, commitment, dedication & perseverance (thanks to a change in people I surrounded myself with), I managed to smash some serious goals & place 3rd in the state title. My very first competition was a huge success and I was encouraged to continue and compete for the national title in Melbourne which lead me to place 5th in Australia.

Within 4 weeks of my national triumph I found myself on a flight to Los Angeles to compete in the Natural Olympia to represent Australia. On that plane I realised my life was different. They say you are an average of the 5 people you surround yourself with and I realised all of a sudden my mindset was different, I was positive, I valued my health & life revolved around eating organic, fresh and nutritious food, fuelling my body rather than treating it with disrespect, I was physically active daily and I felt the best I had ever felt. Just from changing my inner & outer environment and deciding to finally commit myself to something. Not only was I finally in the best shape of my life on the outside, but on the inside - everything was finally in tune & harmoniously balanced. I was happy, healthy, positive and bursting with energy. 

I ended up taking out the world title for my category and win gold for Australia at The Natural Olympia. It was nuts! How these sequences of events occurred, I'm still not quite sure but I know there is no such thing as coincidence. I was so desperatley asking the universe to help me out of my funk & it totally delivered. This is when i had my light bulb moment & thought to myself "How do I help others get to where I am right now?". 

the fruition of healthy peach.

Today, Healthy Peach the brand aims to support activities related to the promotion of good health and the prevention of chronic disease with a particular focus on reducing unhealthy lifestyle and dietary habits. I work hard to strengthen the capacity and knowledge of my clients by offering intensive mindset, life & nutrition coaching and consulting via structured programs, in order to educate people on how to make beneficial lifestyle and food choices.

The difference between regular online wellness programs and mine is that I refuse to develop generic, categorised food plans for clients & members. As a valued member of our tribe, you will receive an individualised research and science based program that will also incorporate a holistic approach including your career life, family and home life, relationships and social life, spirituality, finances, physical activity, education, mindset and creativity as well as, of course, what works best for YOUR own body.

This won't just be a temporary fix but a permanent lifestyle change for the better where you will incorporate healthy naturally occurring habits that you will take with you for life, be able to incorporate into your family's lifestyle and teach your loved ones. Building a healthy relationship with yourself & with food is our goal for you so you can say goodbye to yo-yo dieting, for good.

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what happens NEXT...

When I landed home from The Natural Olympia, I decided to get myself back into the books after just finishing my nursing degree. I learnt alot about bodybuilding and the change in my environment & inner well-being so I wanted study something totally left field, holistic health and nutrition coaching with IIN. The decision to go back and study was not only to delve into the depths of nutrition, but to enable myself to teach others too, and help them reach their personal pinnacle of health, happiness & inspiration. My mission was clear from the beginning, I wanted Healthy Peach to be different from the rest. I didn't want my practice to be about calorie counting, restriction or any type of temporary fix, quick fix diet, or detox. I wanted Healthy Peach to be personalised and individualised including a safe, fresh, holistic approach. I wanted the experience to support permanent changes, particularly focusing on reducing unhealthy lifestyle and dietary habits.

I talk a lot about avoiding foods that flaw you causing harm & inflammation and introducing foods that fuel you. We live in a life today where chronic systemic inflammation is normality, and we are conditioned to either deal with the symptoms or slap a bandaid fixture on top of them. What the majority don't realise is this constant inflammation in our bodies, caused by certain thoughts, dietary and lifestyle choices, is at the heart of the long list of chronic illnesses that continue to climb such as asthma, obesity, cardiac conditions, cancer, diabetes, respiratory dysfunction, hormonal dysfunction and so on. 

For me personally, my results were enough to convince me that there is more to life than constantly being in pain, feeling sick, not healing, dealing with immune, energy & skin issues, not to mention my emotional and mental health - the way I feel now compared to how I did prior to my transformation... its a no brainer, I must teach as many people as I can. I hope you experience the same life-changing benefits I did whether its through a post, a blog, a video or a conversation we may have. Health doesn't have to be complicated in fact its EASY. By finding that beautiful synergy between thoughts, food, movement and rest, we can flourish and be well on our way to living optimal health and happiness, in the best possible way.  

So to you, whoever you may be reading this. Thankyou for being here apart of my mission, whichever way that may be. Whether you're a follower, a member of the tribe or someone who is watching from a distance & inspired to create a ripple effect in the lives of others too.

All my love & gratitude to you,  



Professional Bio

Chani is a nutrition coach, speaker, blogger & vlogger, podcaster, and mentor for thousands of women around the world. Chani started out as a registered nurse who specialised in anaesthetics & quickly realised her health and happiness change when she implemented certain modalities into her life and way of living. Her passion for health and business has led her to create two of the most impressive global movements around the world, one being her holistic wellness online community and the other being ‘Babes in Business’, where she empowers women who are just as passionate about creating an inspired career around helping others, to create the business and income of their dreams. Her message revolves around living life aligned with our highest values to allow us all to be the most inspired version of ourselves. Chani helps tens of thousands of people around the globe cultivate health, wealth & abundance in a fun and holistic way.


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